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Planning some do-it-yourself work on your new Nissan car, truck, or SUV? Having the know-how to make it happen is only the half of it. To properly fix your vehicle without a hitch, you'll also need the right parts, authentically Nissan and the right fit for your vehicle. That's where our service center here in Tulsa comes in. Just give us the details on what you need using our parts request form, and we'll track it down for you on the double. Not quite sure what you're looking for?

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A Few Commonly Needed Nissan Parts

  • Engine oil. This all-purpose engine solution lubricates moving parts to reduce friction and wear, helps neutralize and remove contaminants and acidic byproducts, enhance piston ring seals, and dispel heat. Quite simply, the result is a more efficiently operating engine. Change it regularly to keep yours burning cleaner from Broken Arrow to Muskogee and on down the road.
  • Radiators. These components continually pass hot coolant through temperature-reducing metal fins, pumping it back through the engine and resulting in a cooler engine block. Experiencing engine overheats trying to get out of the driveway in Owasso? You might need to replace yours.
  • Brake pads. These make controlled halts a matter of course, applying pressure to your brake rotors using a high-friction surface to reduce speed. A squeak or crunch might indicate it's time to change your brakes.
  • Tires. Treads wear, rubber runs down, balances go out of joint, and holes happen. If you notice tire problems, let us help you take care of them. We'll find you the right fit on a quartet of new ones, whether summer, winter, performance, all-season, or specialty variants such as run-flat or low-rolling-resistance tires.
  • Batteries. Your vehicle's one-stop shop for rechargeable electrical energy, batteries not only start the engine. They also send power to other electrical systems via your alternator. Troubled starts could mean it's time to swap the old for the new.
  • Ignition components. When you're battery's properly charged and ready to go, but your car still won't start, this network of components could be part of the problem. Most Nissan vehicles incorporate them in modern electronic form.
  • System fluids. These range from coolant, commonly called antifreeze, to transmission liquid, and should regularly be replaced according to your vehicle's maintenance schedule or as needs arise. The former tends to deteriorate every few years, and it's necessary for maintaining the proper temperature for your engine oil. The latter captures grime from your torque converter and cooler lines, and it's important for keeping power delivery efficient and reliable.
  • Head and tail lighting. As these illuminate the path ahead out of Bixby as well as behind and suffer constant barrage by the elements, they can accrue fogginess, yellow discoloration, and obstructions, reducing that all-important visibility. Clean these regularly, and replace them when they go out.
  • Windshield wipers. Important for viewing clarity, these can just as easily wear down and cause the opposite, whether by improper contact with the windshield surface, excessive and distracting operational noise, smearing, or streaking. Replace both every six to twelve months or so.
  • Air filters. If yours are becoming brittle and discolored while loaded with debris, it'll be a good idea to remove and replace them. You can find one for the engine, which helps keep contaminants from getting inside it, and one for your interior, which does the same your heating and air conditioning systems.

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